The Paradox

D&D Box

The Paradox


Once upon a moonlight dreary

Three staunch warriors traveled wearily

They had emerged victorious from battle that night and

hoped for their castle by daybreak’s first light

When first it caught their waxen eyes

It had already taken them quite by surprise

To fumble for sword or shield was in vain

They were left no option but to flee or be slain

But the Beast was upon them incising their reigns

It dropped then before them to commission their pain

It outstretched its wingspan as if staking its claim

Gracefully stalking it gazed in delight

at the three helpless pawns it shadowed from light

There it stood before them livid vast in size

Drooling orbs of fire and daring their defiance

Desperately they pleaded the Lord their fate decide

The Dragon then appeased them replying somewhat snide

‘It is senseless of you who destroy your own kind and then to seek solace in the Lord you defy You needn’t seek further for the fate you perceive -I am your destiny for the lives that you’ve thieved’

Then for an instant the landscape grew bright

Then settled to darkness and the gleam of moonlight

-Tommy Kennedy 1991

Free audio poem of “The Paradox”:

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