The Paradox

The Paradox   Once upon a moonlight dreary Three staunch warriors traveled wearily They had emerged victorious from battle that night and hoped for their castle by daybreak’s first light When first it caught their waxen eyes It had already taken them quite by surprise To fumble for sword or shield was in vain They … More The Paradox

Arcana Musica

  Imagine my pleasant surprise when I recently discovered my 1925 Brambach Piano was tuned to A=432.5Hz.  This stands for 432.5 vibrations per second.  This exquisite instrument was crafted in a time prior to the A=440 Hz standardization. My 1925 Brambach Apartment-Sized Grand (4.8ft) is tuned to A= 432.5.  The company patented many unique designs … More Arcana Musica